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hey crackers

i'm here now.

[-= M.S.I =-]Name: Lee
[-= M.S.I =-]Age: 16
[-= M.S.I =-]Location: Vancouver, Canada
[-= M.S.I =-]Why do u like msi? The music is like nothing I've ever fucking heard before. I just can't seem to get bored of it.
[-= M.S.I =-]What would you like to change about them? I'd stop them from getting too big, y'know. If I ever saw them on MTV (even though it would probably never happen) I'd castrate my nonexistant penis. I'd also get Jimmy to say cunt in a song.
[-= M.S.I =-]Have you got their autograph? Sadly, no.
[-= M.S.I =-]How many times have you been to msi concerts? Once.
[-= M.S.I =-]Fave msi song: Wack
[-= M.S.I =-]Fave msi video: Music video? Isn't there only one?
[-= M.S.I =-]Other interests: THE LEFT RIGHTS, Internet porn and kittiez.
[-= M.S.I =-]Piercings or Tattoos: lip piercing, nose piercing, septum, and bridge
[-= M.S.I =-]What are your hobbies? "Singing", drawing, stalking danielle, reading comics, and watching children's shows.
[-= M.S.I =-]What is the first thing that comes to mind about this community? MSI?
[-= M.S.I =-]Post atleast 1 cool picture of yourself:

shut up
[-= M.S.I =-]Your wishes to msi! Lots of drugs and sex for all of them.
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