Dafreakzo (dafreakzo) wrote in nj_msi_fans,

Ok, Im selling all of my signed Mindless Self indulgence stuff.

Signed copy of Outburn Magazine (the one with MSI on the cover) signed by all the band

a ticket from the Krome show in NJ that MSI played signed by Lyn Z

a mcdonalds reciept signed by all the band members (the night of the krome show)

I also have directions to the club Tribeca in NYC that was signed by Lyn Z that night when they played as betty davis eyes

if anyone is interested contact me VIA AIM screename is Dafreakzo. (prices will be negotiable)

i also want to add i live in nj, so if the price is right i might be able to hand deliver the things to you depending on where u live
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