wake up, the world is changing (spy_hunter) wrote in nj_msi_fans,
wake up, the world is changing

so who was there last night?

ps: i'm new so here it is:

[-= M.S.I =-]Name: jen
[-= M.S.I =-]Age: 17
[-= M.S.I =-]Location: warren, nj
[-= M.S.I =-]Why do u like msi? 'cause they friggin' rule
[-= M.S.I =-]What would you like to change about them? nothing
[-= M.S.I =-]Have you got their autograph? nope
[-= M.S.I =-]How many times have you been to msi concerts? just once :(
[-= M.S.I =-]Fave msi song: like shit, boomin' and pussy all night
[-= M.S.I =-]Fave msi video: hum.. i have a live video of tornado that's kinda awesome
[-= M.S.I =-]Other interests: ska<333
[-= M.S.I =-]Piercings or Tattoos: 9 piercings, no tattoos yet
[-= M.S.I =-]What are your hobbies? going to shows, going out with friends, yeah.
[-= M.S.I =-]What is the first thing that comes to mind about this community? there needs to be more people
[-= M.S.I =-]Post atleast 1 cool picture of yourself: erm, this one's from maybe a year and a half ago
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[-= M.S.I =-]Your wishes to msi! don't change everrrr
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